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Homepage English - CJG Rijnmond

English - CJG Rijnmond

The Child and Family Centre (Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin - CJG - in Dutch) Rijnmond is the place to be for everyone with questions concerning health, raising children and growing up. We’re glad you found us!

What does CJG do?

Growing up healthy and safe is important for every child. CJG can support to you during that period in your child’s life, for instance by checking if your child’s growth is as can be expected and by vaccinating them on time. If you need any guidance or advice during this period we are there to help.

At CJG several professionals work together in a team. Parents or children can make an appointment or just drop by during the consultation hours every location offer. If you prefer you can also ask any questions you may have by telephone, e-mail, Whatsapp, chat or on the social media. For more information, please consult our contact page (in Dutch)

When will you visit CJG?

Our professionals examine the health and development of your child several times during their childhood, from birth and until the child reaches the age of 18. We monitor their development, offer prevention care and are always nearby. We have offices in your neighbourhood, for instance at schools and at your local Child and Family Centre (GJG) and we also make house calls. We are happy to explain what happens during a consultation and why. Click here for when will you visit CJG (in Dutch, but there are also video's).

Contact information

Would you like to speak to us? Find your location, office hours and daily open consultation hour here.

Brochure English about CJG Rijnmond